birth name madilyne suzanne collins professional name madi collins date of birth january 17th, 1981 (33) hometown tampa, florida current residence los angeles, california
las vegas, nevada
occupation singer, dancer, diva relationship status single pets lil mama
growing up in florida was not out of the ordinary: what was out of the ordinary was growing up with a mother who was hell-bent on her child being famous the way that she never could. laura and charlie collins were a happy couple with three kids, their oldest sure to be their money maker. from as early on as she can remember, madi was in pageants and getting her hair teased a mile-high and practicing her coordinated dance routines late into the evening. she was home schooled early on, and used silly humor and jokes to help compensate for the lack of daily interactions with children her own age.

madilyne took home title after title, sweeping crowns and prize money that went into dresses with more glitz and dance lessons with the best instructors. there was nothing that wasn't good enough for her. when she was at one of the qualifying pageants for miss teen florida and during her performance of "wind beneath my wings" she was noticed by someone who had ties at a recording studio, who had her record it on a cassette and sent it off to the right people and the next thing she knew she had a record deal.

she was a few days shy of eighteen by the time her first album came out. baby one more time climbed the charts despite mixed reviews, and she became the first new female artist to have a number one single on the billboard hot 100 with an overwhelming 1.8 million copies sold in the first two months. the success was insane and exciting and madi clung to the normalcy to keep herself grounded; she made really fast friends with evelyn stobaugh, the daughter of her record producer who helped her add the background vocals to her first album and naturally the press was keen to follow their friendship.

with every release of her albums, madi gained more attention for being racier and more provacative than the fresh faced and innocent first album was. truth was, she had absolutely no time to think for herself and agreed to the ideas that were thrown at her. it felt right and it felt good to have the success that she gained nearly overnight, but ultimately she was reaching for the sound she wanted all along. the lyrics she helped to write weren't that great, she was so proud of the work she had put out there for the world, and they seemed to like it.

it wasn't until 2007 when things started to spiral for madi. while everyone seemed to have an opinion on what she should do or what she should wear, the media just would not leave her alone. the rumors floated endlessly, but the one that hit the closest to home was about her sexuality and the relationship she had with the up and coming pop sensation evie stobaugh. they pinned a blurry kiss of the pair on every front page, and the pair quickly put distance between them. madi was seen flipping off the paparazzi and took a long vacation to a private residence in hawaii to let the press forget her name for a while.

the rest died down after a while, and madi has been on an uphill climb to gain her standing back as the queen of pop ever since. she had a couple cameo roles on television shows, and a tell-all documentary where she explained that yes, she was bisexual and no, it wasn't a big deal. planet hollywood resort and casino opened up a reseidency for her to perform, where she has been playing since 2013 and is currently working on her ninth studio album. so yeah. madi's doing just fine, bitch.

studio albums
(2013) madilyne suzanne
1. alien 2. work bitch 3. perfume 4. it should be easy 5. tik tik boom 6. body ache 7. til it's gone 8. passenger 9. chillin' with you 10. don't cry

(2011) femme fatale
1. till the world ends 2. hold it against me 3. inside out 4. i wanna go 5. how i roll 6. (drop dead) beautiful 7. seal it with a kiss 8. big fat bass 9. trouble for me 10. trip to your heart 11. gasoline 12. criminal

(2009) the singles collection
1. 3 2. one more time 3. (you drive me) crazy 4. born to make you happy 5. oops! i did it again 6. stronger 7. i'm a slave 4 u 8. boys 9. me against the music 10. toxic 11. everytime 12. gimme more 13. piece of me 14. womanizer 15. circus 16. if u seek amy 17. radar

(2008) circus
1. womanizer 2. circus 3. out from under 4. kill the lights 5. shattered glass 6. if u seek amy 7. unusual you 8. blur 9. mmm papi 10. mannequin 11. lace and leather 12. my baby

(2007) blackout
1. gimme more 2. piece of me 3. radar 4. break the ice 5. heaven on earth 6. get naked (i got a plan) 7. freakshow 8. toy soldier 9. hot as ice 10. ooh ooh baby 11. perfect lover 12. why should i be sad

(2004) greatest hits: my prerogative
1. my prerogative 2. toxic 3. i'm a slave 4 u 4. oops! i did it again 5. me against the music 6. stronger 7. everytime 8. one more time 9. (you drive me) crazy remix 10. boys remix 11. sometimes 12. overprotected 13. lucky 14. outrageous 15. i'm not a girl, not yet a woman 16. (i've just begun) having my fun 17. do somethin'

(2003) in the zone
1. me against the music 2. (i got that) boom boom 3. showdown 4. breathe on me 5. early mornin 6. toxic 7. outrageous 8. touch of my hand 9. the hook up 10. shadow 11. brave new girl 12. everytime 13. me against the music remix

(2001) madi
1. i'm a slave 4 u 2. overprotected 3. lonely 4.i'm not a girl, not yet a woman 5. boys 6. anticipating 7. i love rock n' roll 8. cinderella 9. let me be 10. bombastic love 11. that's where you take me 12. what it's like to be me

(2000) oops!... i did it again
1. Oops!...I Did It Again 2. Stronger 3. Don't Go Knockin' On My Door 4. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 6. What U See (Is What U Get) 7. Lucky 8. One Kiss From You 9. Where Are You Now 10. Can't Make You Love Me 11. When You Eyes Say It 12. Girl In The Mirror 13. Dear Diary

(1999) baby one more time
1. ...Baby One More Time 2. (You Drive Me) Crazy 3. Sometimes 4. Soda Pop 5. Born To Make You Happy 6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 7. I Will Be There 8. I Will Still Love You 9. Thinkin' About You 10. E-Mail My Heart 11. The Beat Goes On

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(2015) intimate madi collins collection(lingerie line)
(2009) madi for candie's
(2004-2015) perfume line with 17 fragrences and a gross worth of $1.5 billion

  • had a terrible stutter that here she needs made her extremely self conscious and usually demands that there are cue cards whenever there is an appearance where she is requested to rattle off a specific line.

  • has a strong fanbase of loyal stans and an even stronger group of people who think she is a complete joke.

  • net worth of $165 million and spends lavishly because she can.

  • is the only artist in history to have a number one single and a number one studio album in each decades of their career.

  • during her time on x factor she got a couple people fired for putting exceptionally creepy people out on stage, and gave zero fucks about being brutally honest.
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