It was her idea, really. Boston had been her home for her entire life, well for Betty's entire life. And Barbara supposed that Gotham wasn't too far behind it, really. The others had adjusted well enough, with a Batcave lingering and the Watchtower somewhere out there, so maybe it had always been that way. All she knew was that there were so many vacation days in a year, and while she loved belonging to the community and protecting it with her own life, things were getting tiresome. She needed a vacation. The holidays were far more exhausting than they needed to be, and her time off wasn't going to use itself, so she booked two impromptu tickets to New York City.

   She'd only been into the Big Apple a handful of times, but nothing was better than experiencing the city that was so full of life with someone that meant so much to her. They had tromped around the city, experiencing all kinds of new foods under her insisting, and three slices of pizza from three different places later, they were exploring their way through Soho, in and out of the different shops they found. On the first evening, Babs insisted they found a quiet bar to drink the remainder of their headache away on really good craft beer.

   They had been through their own series of ups and downs -- a handful of engagements and separations and a faked death would do that to a couple -- but she had missed him so damn much. With every shift, Babs first reached out to him to see if Nightwing had joined in on the fun or stayed behind, and was always grateful when it was Dick on the other side of her text message. They needed this time to help solidify them, she decided. It was extremely helpful just knowing that he knew what exactly she had been through and what she ultimately wanted to do, although it was great having time where they could just be Barbara and Dick rather than Batgirl and Nightwing. They were more than that, and they were more than that to each other. It just took some wiggling out of that stubbornness to really understand how much they meant to one another.

   When Dick returned to the hotel one morning, bloody and sore, Babs rushed to his side to check every inch of him to make sure he was okay. "Damn it, Dick." She whispered as she checked his hands for broken bones; she wasn't upset with him, situations presented themselves and even a weekend getaway couldn't be just the two of them. Danger and threats followed wherever they went, it seemed, and they didn't have any control over it. "What does the other guy look like?" She asked as she iced his hands down and fed him chunks of the bagels he had gone to fetch.

   It wasn't until they woke up on Sunday morning very much not as Barbara and Dick -- instead, it was Betty and Lee who greeted one another in their hotel room, wrapped up in one another, and it was quite the shock.

   While Betty rememebered spending the weekend with Lee and having a great time, she couldn't exactly remember why. The blizzard outside hadn't relented, leaving the city a peaceful white blanket. There was nothing else they could possibly do, the city was shut down by every means imaginable. She and Lee were friends, so she thought, but the memories of them tumbling together in the really nice hotel sheets was irrefutable. They had taken a spur of the moment trip to the City That Never Sleeps and now they were trapped there because of a freak weather mishap that grounded all forms of travel in and out of the city. What the hell had she been thinking?